drove by to check on us. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  If we weren't official polar bears before, we sure are now!  After a fast dash to the Scoutmaster's kitchen, sausage and pancakes (and heat!) were enjoyed by all!


    Our get well wishes go out to Eli Gilson, who survived the airplane ride, only to experience an unfortunate event (which Devon may later write a book about!) around the campfire.  His night's camping activities were cut short and changed to include a trip to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with a greenstick fracture of his left arm.  He was later casted and enjoyed his celebrity status at school, where his newly plastered arm was admired and signed.  By this time, however, the newness has worn off and it probably is becoming an itchy annoyance.  Hang in there, Eli. 


    We are proud to announce that five of our scouts have advanced from their initial Boy Scout rank to Tenderfoot.  After months of practice and preparation, they were brought before the Boy Scout Committee on November 12th.  After being questioned by the Committee as to their skills (knot tying, first aid, memory work, etc…) and thoughts on Boy Scouting, all five were deemed ready to accept their new rank as Tenderfoot Scouts.  These scouts are:  T.C. Howe, Robert Parsano, Kerry Shawgo, Devon Demott and Mat Simer.  The boys will be receiving their new badges at our first Court of Honor Ceremony on December 3rd.  We currently have the following ranks in our troop: two Boy Scouts, five Tenderfoots and two First Class Scouts.